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A Road Less Traveled

We designed Nexus to be different than anything on the market and to set the bar for what a Functional Energy drink can be.  The goal wasn’t to create something incrementally better than what’s in the market.  We feel, by raising the bar exponentially higher, the world becomes a healthier place.  It is so true that you are what you eat (or drink in this case) and there is a direct correlation between what you put in your body and how your body functions.  This is the true definition of Nexus – the connection between two things.  It is the relationship between the fuel you feed your body and becoming the best version of yourself starting at the cellular level.

The Brains Behind the Magic

Nexus Energy is the brainchild of brothers Blane and Shawn Givens.  They spent years researching the energy drink and functional beverage industry (Blane, with a background in biochemistry and biotechnology did more research in the beginning, Shawn did more drinking of said products) and when they realized the product they really wanted didn’t exist, they created it.  They didn’t feel companies had been innovating and they set out to change that. Nexus products are loaded with a significant amount of functionality compared to most drinks on the market and they wanted something they would drink and actually give to their families that wasn’t loaded with junk.  After coming up with the ingredients first it was then off to the flavor lab (a lot like a beat lab but completely different) to figure out how to take a bunch of healthy ingredients, mix them together and make it taste great. After developing over 100 flavors, countless iterations and mixers (and enough vitamins to fill a pharmacy), 5 Nexus formulas were born, each with specific purposes, complementary ingredients and profiles. 

This is an exciting time and the innovation will continue so please join us on this journey and mission as we grow together.